Reported bugs -- yes they were

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Fri Mar 10 21:52:04 UTC 2006

Leslie Satenstein wrote:

>Hi Rahul,
>It is till Friday in Canada, but I note the time you are responding. I complement you on your dedication.
Well its actually 3 AM at Saturday for me ;-)

>Yes, in response to your question, I filed bugs, and yes, there are some keyboard changes coming after go live.
If you did file bug reports, kindly do provide the links to those bug 
reports for reference when you talk about them

>As for being able to shutdown from any account. It says that Core5 cannot be used as a server and also have another guest user who could issue that command.
>I should not have to modify the halt / shutdown / reboot stuff to add security. If I want a guest end user to do a shutdown,
>I want to extend that privledge to him.
This has already been discussed in the lists before. If a person has 
physical access to the system, he can always turn it off or set your 
system on fire, so merely controlling the ability to turn off or reboot 
the system doesnt provide any real security and is a hiderance to 
getting work done. This is by no means a blocker bug that needs to be 
dealt with one week before a release anyway.


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