How do I remove things from the Gnome System menu

Uno Engborg uno at
Sun Mar 12 14:44:07 UTC 2006

Currently the Gnome System menu contains a lot of stuff that is not 
always needed, or doesn't work well on many systems. E.g.  a  sysadmin 
on a school lab set up would typically want to remove "Suspend", 
"Shutdown" and perhaps even "Administration>".

A laptop owner who are unlucky enough to have a box not supporting 
suspend would probably want to remove that, to prevent the risk of being 
forced to make an unclean shutdown, as a result of selecting suspend by 

As a matter of fact both having "Suspend" and the current "Shut down" 
item doesn't make sense as it forces the user to make the "Shall I 
suspend choice" twice.

When speaking of menus, the Alacarte Menu editor should be in the 
"Prefereces" menu
instead of in "Applications->Accessories".

If we have things like "Lock Screen" in the System menu, the system menu 
should probably
also contain the ability to make screen shots, and to share the screen 
with vino.

This is in desperate need of a usability overview.
Until that happens, is there any easy way to edit the Gnomw System meny.

Uno Engborg

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