How do I remove things from the Gnome System menu

Justin Conover justin.conover at
Sun Mar 12 15:49:47 UTC 2006

On 3/12/06, Uno Engborg <uno at> wrote:
> Currently the Gnome System menu contains a lot of stuff that is not
> always needed, or doesn't work well on many systems. E.g.  a  sysadmin
> on a school lab set up would typically want to remove "Suspend",
> "Shutdown" and perhaps even "Administration>".
> A laptop owner who are unlucky enough to have a box not supporting
> suspend would probably want to remove that, to prevent the risk of being
> forced to make an unclean shutdown, as a result of selecting suspend by
> mistake.
> As a matter of fact both having "Suspend" and the current "Shut down"
> item doesn't make sense as it forces the user to make the "Shall I
> suspend choice" twice.
> When speaking of menus, the Alacarte Menu editor should be in the
> "Prefereces" menu
> instead of in "Applications->Accessories".
> If we have things like "Lock Screen" in the System menu, the system menu
> should probably
> also contain the ability to make screen shots, and to share the screen
> with vino.
> This is in desperate need of a usability overview.
> Until that happens, is there any easy way to edit the Gnomw System meny.
> Regards
> Uno Engborg
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