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Mike A. Harris mharris at mharris.ca
Thu Mar 16 11:32:30 UTC 2006

LarryT wrote:
> Thank you Mike :)
> Well, after i read what you wrote, i realize that i could have a look on 
> the driver used by other os i have on my pc (centos 4 and 4.2 and fc4) !
> Centos  uses radeon driver. So i have just swith to radeon driver. So 
> far so good !
> Gonna see what happens , now :)

Well, it may or may not change the problem you're seeing, but I just
wanted to point out that anyone using Radeon hardware, should always
have the driver set to "radeon" regardless of what other people out
there or FAQs might say.

You may still have a problem afterward, but if so, at least you know
it isn't caused by any of the additional and unnecessary codepaths
in the "ati" wrapper.  ;o)

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