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Thu Mar 16 17:17:52 UTC 2006

On 17/03/2006, at 4:11 AM, sean wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Mar 2006 11:01:35 -0600
> "Jonathan Berry" <berryja at> wrote:
>> Umm, the nv driver is far from being "perfectly good," sorry.   
>> Most of
>> the time it works for 2D, yes.  As you mention below, it does not
>> support 3D at all.  Also, for me, the nv driver does not even support
>> simple 2D OpenGL programs for some reason.  Especially right now
>> OpenGL support is essential since I am taking a class that involves
>> writing OpenGL programs.
> You fall into the minority then; most people today aren't using any
> Open GL at all in their day to day use.

Really? I call bull.

>>> nvidia driver that should be used by the _vast_ majority of people
>>> saddled with nvidia hardware.   Only those playing 3d games under
>>> Linux or driving multiple displays need to even consider the
>> Consider?  No, they *must* use the nvidia driver in those cases.
>> There is nothing to consider.
> Wrong.  They could (and IMHO should) consider changing hardware.

To what? Care to inform me of any cards that are decent and have  
OpenGL hardware acceleration that will work without a custom module?  
ATI and Nvidia certainly rule the majority of that market.

>>> proprietary driver.   Way too many people end up installing the
>>> binary albatross just for everyday desktop use, which is nuts.
>> That may be true, but when I spend a not insignificant amount of  
>> money
>> on a nice video card, I expect to be able to use all of the
>> functionality.  At least nVidia does a decent job of supporting their
>> hardware and providing Linux drivers that most of the time work (and
>> usually work *very* well).  That cannot  be said of some other video
>> chipset manufacturers...
> I'm not interested in excuses, i'm interested in using and enjoying
> the benefits of open source software.  My point was that many people
> who share this desire are "helped" into installing the binary crap
> when they have no real need for it.

Care to sign up to the biggot list? I'm sure it's already full, but  
your arguements aren't convincing at all - and is the exact reason  
OSS zealots have such a bad reputation as the "I don't use it so  
nobody else needs to" attitude lives on.

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