XEN and FC5T3 Question....

Dan Thurman dant at cdkkt.com
Sat Mar 18 19:24:46 UTC 2006

Hi Folks!

A little bit of history....

I have two NICs, one is on my motherboard,
and the other is a PCI card.

When I ran XEN for the first time (that is,
as a newly installed OS), ZEN was able to
at least allow me to connect the LAN (and Internet)
and I was correctly setting up  my network configurations
such that the IP address, gateway, DNS servers yada, yada
was correctly setup and that one of the two NIC's was connected
to the LAN and the other was not.

Later, as I was doing updates via yum and all that, rebooted
a couple of times, there was this one case I had that somehow
gotten my NIC setup backwards...  i.e. I was no longer able
to connect to the LAN as I did once before.  I had to switch
the net-cable to the other NIC port to get back on the LAN

I found that somehow, the NIC settings in the /etc/sysconfig/network
blah blah was misconfigured - i.e eth0 and eth1 settings was reversed
and attempts to set this right via the GNOME GUI interface was just
not possible so I was forced to edit by hand the default settings
and reboot and I was able to restore the cable to the correct default
NIC port as I had it before.

Now... with the NIC restored (I see only eth0 and eth1) 

But something bothered me when I installed Firestarter and started
the initial configuration. Instead of seeing two NIC ports, i.e.
eth0 and eth1 - firestarter asked for the NIC port as my primary
port and before you say: "Yeah, choose eth0 or eth1"....

There are more ports....  two above plus 17 more...

[Some were hard to read since I have size 8 fonts...]

veth0, veth1, veth2, veth3, veth4, veth5, veth6, veth7
wiD0, wiD1, wiD2, wiD3, wiD4, wiD5, wiD6, wiD7

So....  which is it that ZEN is using as the actual port
that I am using?  Not knowing... I choosed eth0 as my
primary port.  So far, I *think* my firewall is running
but I cannot be sure...

So... did I make the right choice?

Just wondered....


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