XEN and FC5T3 Question....

David Timms dtimms at bigpond.net.au
Sun Mar 19 00:26:23 UTC 2006

Dan Thurman wrote:
> Hi Folks!
> si0
> veth0, veth1, veth2, veth3, veth4, veth5, veth6, veth7
> wiD0, wiD1, wiD2, wiD3, wiD4, wiD5, wiD6, wiD7
> So....  which is it that ZEN is using as the actual port
> that I am using?  Not knowing... I choosed eth0 as my
> primary port.  So far, I *think* my firewall is running
> but I cannot be sure...
To test a firewall, I would suggest testing from another machine using 
nmap(fe), no matter what your apparent firewall settings are. Also, some 
web sites like grc.com (shields up) can test your firewall from the 
internet point of view and give you an indication of whether you are 
open /closed/ ignoring attempted connections.

> So... did I make the right choice?
No experience with xen !


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