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Re: F11 install - can I change nic mac address DURING install?

Mike Cloaked wrote:
Bruno Wolff III wrote:
You should be able to once X starts. I have done this recently in order
to do other things. Initially there is a graphic looking screen, but I
don't believe it is X based. You enter locale information and then the
look of the screen should change significantly. At that point you should
be able to get to a shell prompt.

Ahh - that may be the case but I seem to remember that you have to define
the source for the install at an early stage and before the screen changes?
I think that to define the network install is about the 3rd selection after
Language and Keyboard selection. So changing to X probably happens when the
map comes up to select the time zone?  I may tinker with this on another
machine when I move from f11 to F12 - but it would be nice if the option to
tinker a little more deeply with network settings was available at an early
stage in the anaconda set of steps - I know it is an unusual need during
install though. Mostly I don't have a need to switch MAC address from that
on the NIC but in this case I did need to.

The initial graphical screen is the one that just says "Fedora" and has a "Next" button. You can get to a shell prompt from there.

The only other thing before that is the text-based screen that asks if you want to do a media check. You can switch away during language and keyboard ("locale") selection, too.

Anyway, I've never tried to configure the network from the command line in the installer, so I can't say you'll actually be able to do that (without getting overridden later). But the shell is on tty2. The GUI is on tty6 to get back.

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