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Chris Byrd cbyrda at
Wed Dec 9 06:19:42 UTC 2009


My name is Chris Byrd (irc nick:  cbyrda).  I am following the instructions
at in the hopes of being
able to contribute to bug triage.

I have been a Fedora user since Core 4, although I was a Linux user prior to
that (SuSe and Mandrake).  I came to Fedora just to give it a spin and I
liked it so much it has been my primary distro since.  Fedora just feels
like home and I'd like to take the next step and contribute where I can.  I
live on the west coast of the United States (in California) where I work as
a software engineer.  Most often I'm writing Java code these days but I have
had occasion to write C++, C# and python code in the past.  I hope that I
can be of some help in the triage group and that eventually as I get more
experience with Fedora and its community that I might find other ways to
contribute.  I have tried to follow the linked instructions above as closely
as possible, if I have missed something please let me know and I'll correct

If I am admitted to the triage group I would very much appreciate some
advice from existing triage veterans on how I can best come up to speed and
become productive.  I hope to hear back from the group and I hope I can

Chris Byrd
cbyrda at
cbyrda @
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