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John Summerfield debian at
Tue Dec 15 00:05:20 UTC 2009

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Marko Vojinovic wrote:
>> On Saturday 05 December 2009 13:43:52 Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>> Matthew Saltzman wrote:
>>>>> Actually, the complexity is that Fedora for some insane reason still
>>>>> defaults to using LVM for everything *other* than /boot.  This brings
>>>>> no benefit to most users.
>>>> Well, it means I can have separate filesystems for things that I don't
>>>> want overwritten if I reinstall (/home, /usr/local, /opt, /var/www,
>>>> etc.)
>>> That's only 4, or 7 with / , /boot and swap.
>>> How do you get up to 15?
>> Multiboot with various Windows, Ubuntu's, other Fedora's? Each should 
>> have its own /, at least.
> That's what VMs are for, no?

I don't see any earlier mail in this thread.

Virtual machines are not for everyone, and in any event don't address 
the problem.

A while ago, I hunted down an ext{2,3{ driver for Windows and installed 
it. It works quite nicely I can read /boot very well indeed.

However, I can't read any user data because it's in an LVM, and I can't 
find a Windows driver for that.

The days when Linux could not read Windows filesystems and Windows could 
not read Linux filesystems are gone, thankfully, but the use of LVMs, 
for most common people, provides no useful functionality and prevents some.

I've been using and supporting Linux in home and SOHO environments for 
years, and I've yet to find a time when LVM provided me with any benefit 
at all.

I can, and do, resize both NTFS partitions from time to time, but with 
LVM it's harder, if only because I have to do all the same steps plus 
some more.

>> That said, if one does not work in multi-platform software 
>> development, I totally agree that cluttering the disk with all that 
>> stuff is very ugly, at the very least. These days virtual machines are 
>> much cleaner and easier to maintain than multiboot setups.

Realistically, most of my systems don't have the capacity to use VMs - 
evne with 1.5 Gytes of RAM, Firefox seems able to bring a system to its 

>> Best, :-)
>> Marko



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