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On 2009/12/15 08:05 (GMT+0800) John Summerfield composed:

> A while ago, I hunted down an ext{2,3{ driver for Windows and installed 
> it. It works quite nicely I can read /boot very well indeed.

> However, I can't read any user data because it's in an LVM, and I can't 
> find a Windows driver for that.

> The days when Linux could not read Windows filesystems and Windows could 
> not read Linux filesystems are gone, thankfully, but the use of LVMs, 
> for most common people, provides no useful functionality and prevents some.

> I've been using and supporting Linux in home and SOHO environments for 
> years, and I've yet to find a time when LVM provided me with any benefit 
> at all.

> I can, and do, resize both NTFS partitions from time to time, but with 
> LVM it's harder, if only because I have to do all the same steps plus 
> some more.

> Realistically, most of my systems don't have the capacity to use VMs - 
> evne with 1.5 Gytes of RAM, Firefox seems able to bring a system to its 
> knees.

All +1.  :-)

If you think FF's power to mire a Linux system is formidable, imagine it with
OS/2's "little" shared memory pool:

How did you come to choose RedHat/Fedora when you left OS/2? SUSE seemed to
be the favorite among multibooters posting in the Usenet OS/2 groups in the
years before *buntu. RedHat always demanded those who wanted access to their
HPFS partitions while booted to Linux to compile their own kernels, and still
AFAIK Fedora does that even now.

I don't suppose you know anything similar in ease of use on Linux to PMView
on OS/2 for simple cropping, format conversion, resizing or color tweaking,
do you? How about a file picker like XFile? Those two OS/2 features, plus
running DOS SVGA text mode apps better than DOS can do itself, are why I
still haven't given OS/2 up yet.

Forgive me please if I've asked this before, but I don't remember whether.
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