Improve preupgrade test case - Preupgrade_low_/boot_disk_space for review

He Rui rhe at
Thu Dec 31 08:40:12 UTC 2009

On 12/31/2009 03:09 AM, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
>     Thank you, James. Then I'll finish the review of this test case,
>     and create new cases for different disk space checks in /boot for
>     a test day later.
> I think there should be a test case for /boot partitions with reserved 
> space for root user.
> When i updated two fedora 10 boxes to fedora 12, i got errors like 
> 'You need to free up 0M' after restart (problably because 
> preupgrade/anaconda wasn't taking n their counts the reserved space 
> for the root). I did a lot o things trying to fix that (like said in 
> Fedora common bugs), but I think the step that fixed my problem was 
> the 'tune2fs' one.
> Thanks and sorry for the poor english!
Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your advice. If you preupgrade from f10 to f12, the default 
space in /boot is not enough, and as you said, tune2fs is needed to 
release more space.

But this issue doesn't happen if preupgrading from f11 to f12 with 
default setting in /boot. Since now the test cases are designed for 
testing new development release(rawhide), we mainly focus on 
preupgrading from Fedora 11/12 to Rawhide/Fedora 13. Older releases are 
no longer planed to test. :-)

He Rui


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