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Install Test plan for Fedora 12, any feedback would be welcome


   We have a draft of test plan for Fedora 12. This test plan will be
used to  verify installation of Fedora 12 on different hardware
platforms and gather installation test feedback. We have had some new
features in this test plan for Fedora 12,but  some new features are
still under discussion and unavailable till now.In this test plan, we
try to cover things(such as: schedule,test
criteria,scope,approach,priority,etc...) related to testing activities,
but if something missed or inappropriate,please feel free to comment or
give feedback.
We are looking forward to your feedback such as:
1. Things are not clear in the plan
2. Items which don't make sense
3. Items which missed in plan
4. Items  which need more information
5. Anything you want to suggest or comment

Please see the draft at:

your feedback would be welcome.


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