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Re: the current state of trying to "yum update"

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
On Wed, 4 Mar 2009, John Summerfield wrote:

??? wrote:
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  not sure if anyone will find the following informative, but i'll
<I'm sure we've all seen enough of this>

There are unfinished transactions remaining. You might consider running
yum-complete-transaction first to finish them.
--> Running transaction check
---> Package gnome-games-help.noarch 1:2.25.92-1.fc11 set to be erased
---> Package gnome-games-help.i386 1:2.25.5-1.fc11 set to be erased
It's interesting one's noarch and the other is not.

that funny "duplication" existed for a few other packages.  i removed
them manually, then tried the update again and that's when things
melted down entirely.  that's when i gave up and just did a

i will *not* be doing an update, apart from the rpm/yum-related

Well, you could always backup the system first. Or test in a VM, if you can get a VM working well enough.

I don't mind encouraging others to further adventures.



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