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Re: Improved wiki tracking of active triagers and components (draft)

The FindingBugs/components merger was in the e-mail I sent before the
meeting; I don't think we had time to discuss it over IRC.  But since it
was related, I thought we could consider it now.

It sounds like you are voting for chopping the page back up into three
bits, putting "Goals" back on its own page, keeping "Component and
Triager List" here, and everything after that on FindingBugs?  We can
put links between all three pages for easy(er) navigation.


On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 14:32 -0500, TK009 wrote:
> I don't like the goals part. I am going to need another email for that 
> as I have a lot to say.
> I like the new component/active triage/need help list.
> EOL versions, Blocker and Target Bugs, and Finding dupes doesn't belong 
> on the page (IMO).
> The redirecting of the goals page seems to have been premature, and 
> BugZappers/Metrics looks like the start of recreating it. I liked the 
> idea of combining the active triagers info with the components list, 
> thought I must have missed that part in the meeting about also combining 
> finding bugs and not sure it fits here.
> I worry that to much its trying to be done with one page, and feel 
> strongly goals don't belong here.

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