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Re: When will Fedora work again?

2009/3/8 Deependra Singh Shekhawat <deepsa fedoraproject org>:

>> and what is meant by old hardware?? two years, five years or what
>> else??? where can I find the definition of old computer and the
>> related guidelines for Fedora???
>> I want to know as at the moment I am running rawhide on an old PII-400
>> MHz with 256 Mb and a cirrus graphic card about ten years old: and I
>> suppose that I am not the only one around...
> There is no such definition besides that for GUI you need minimum of 384 MB
> of RAM to make it just work.
> That's in the install guide which you should read before installing.
> And I will suggest you to look into smolt.fedoraproject.org for the working
> hardware database.

> --

pfiuuuuu....if the only asset to have Fedora running is 384 MB of RAM,
I feel re-assured and I do not to have to save money to buy a new box
I think that 384 MB is for graphical installation, as my experience
says that it running satisfactory on a 256MB machine (and it is
To come back to Leon's problem, I am experiencing same troubles on a
laptop with intel-810 driver: any update is a mess (I mean of the
xserver-x11-drv-...) and I have to revert back to old packages (by rpm
-Uvh *.* --oldpackage) that I keep in a separate folder on my hard
And I find strange that some drivers should work with a certain
kernel, and not with all kernel  : I don't know how a standard user
should manage update, some people updates only graphic drivers and not
kernel or the opposite...
For sure intel drivers have been an issue in F10 in the past and in
rawhide now..
Fortunately I am running rawhide on an experimental machine, but when
I read great articles about stability and readiness of Fedora 11, I
have some doubt..my two cents.
And I suppose that installation of Alfa from DVD should leave people
using intel hardware with a non working system (fortunately, my
rawhide is coming directly from a working F10)

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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