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Re: Adaptive Technology

Great just can't wait... I have the same issues in windows expecialy in IM's maybe this feature will expand to PDF read as well.
My string kwnologde goes as far as cut and paste and thats only if I get it right before the glue drys :)

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On Saturday 28 March 2009 03:40:47 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > KDE offers KTTS, K-text-to-speech, which is used by KMouth.
> The biggest problem there is that it doesn't actually read the content of
> Qt widgets. So while it may help people with partial eyesight like the
> original poster in this thread, it won't really work for completely blind
> users. Qt 4 actually has an accessibility framework, but I'm not aware of
> any screen readers using it yet. Everything's waiting for AT-SPI-D-Bus, the
> new cross-desktop accessibility framework (which will allow using Orca to
> screenread Qt 4 apps as well, and hopefully we'll also get a KDE
> screenreader) which is being worked on.
Yes, for Charles, KMag may well be helpful, but I think he really needs a 
screenreader as well.  I wonder how far in the future this is?  I know, 'How 
long is a piece of string'? :-)

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