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Re: 2009-05-14 - Fedora Test Day - IBus input method

----- "Matej Cepl" <mcepl redhat com> wrote:
> I had two problems with scim (and these were the reasons I always 
> removed it immediately after installation):

(scim should not be noticeable if it is not running.)

> a) it conflicted with Compose key
> b) it worked poorly (not sure how) with Czech layout ... and 
> I heard it from other people with somewhere in between layouts 
> ... non-ASCII, but also non-real-IM-needed.
> Should (at least theoretically) these work in iBus?

It would be great if you could post some test-cases.
Ideally in bugzilla or even we could mention it in the test event.

As far as possible we want ibus to work for all users.
So if it is breaking stuff we would really like to know about it. :)

> And how does it work with relation to Gnome keyboard layouts?

As far as config interaction with xkb is concerned I think there is no change compared to scim here,
we haven't gotten that far enough to allow tighter integration with gnome yet.


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