Help testing latest abrt-0.0.10-12.fc12

James Laska jlaska at
Mon Nov 2 19:27:16 UTC 2009


Jiri Moskovcak has asked for help testing the latest ABRT packages for
Fedora 12.  These packages are intended to fix a F12Blocker bug (see  Based on positive
test feedback, Jiri will adding these updated packages to the F-12

If you are already using ABRT, and would like to help verify the latest
version, you can find instructions below.  If you're already relying on
ABRT to capture issues ... please help.

= Install the updated packages =

# cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
# wget
# yum install abrt-desktop

= Testing =

The following is a list of things to test and provide feedback on.

== General ==

     1. ABRT should have an icon in Applications->System 
     2. Watch out for, and report, any selinux denials 
     3. When reporting a crash, ABRT should pull elfutils and yum-utils
        as dependencies 
     4. When reporting a crach, check if backtraces are usable.  ABRT
        should download and use the debuginfo automatically, so
        backtraces shouldn't contain many question marks

== Plugins and Reporters ==

     1. Confirm the fix for
     2. Kill a c/c++ application and see if abrt catches it -
     3. Introduce an unhandled python exception, and see if it catches
        it -
     4. Report a crash to bugzilla -

= Known Issues =

     1. Setting options for plugins doesn't work under root, it always
        use the defaults from /etc/abrt/plugins/*.  Actually it works if
        the whole session is under root and gui has  access to
        gnome-keyring, but who would run desktop under root...
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