Where's Konqueror in SU

David dgboles at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 13:12:58 UTC 2009

On 11/4/2009 7:47 AM, Karel Volný wrote:
> On Monday 02 of November 2009 14:54:08 David wrote:
>> You, sir, are advocating one of the major 'stupid Windows
>>  users' arguments for Linux. Run as root.
> um, I still do not get it - why do you keep talking about 
> Windows? ... it is Fedora here
> and you *need* to use root to achieve some things, like editing 
> configfiles or so
> so, what is wrong about using Konqueror as root?
> is, for example, Midnight commander any better? - or typing "cd 
> something; ls; cd something; ls ..." in bash?
> is it just because you hate Konqueror, or you hate GUI in 
> general?
> no one ever on this thread was talking about "doing everything as 
> root" which seems to be the thing you argue against
>> The point is, I believe, that to disable root is considered a
>>  good thing.
> "is considered"? - no, *you* and a few others consider ... but 
> there is also a number of people that disagree - do not promote 
> your personal opinion to the ultimate truth(tm)
> you want to babysit the others
> I want the freedom
>>  Those that disagree with that thought and wish to
>>  open their system that way are free to do so.
> no, they are not free - they have to overcome the obstacles put 
> by the other group
>>  Those that do
>>  not know *how* to do that probably should *not* do that.
>> Makes sense to me.
> to me, it does not - I really do not understand why should I 
> study tons of TFM just to learn how to allow me to edit a 
> configfile or whatever

set by step volumes (tons?) of TFM

1:  login in as user.
2:  as user open a terminal window
3:  switch from the user to root using steps 3a and 3b
3a: type   su - <enter>  at the prompt
3b: enter root's password <enter>  at the prompt
4:  type   konqueror & <enter>  (the & lets you keep the terminal)
5:  move through the tree to the configuration file location
6:  open the file and edit it
7:  save the file as edited
8:  logout as root and then logout as user or just close the terminal

Simple enough for ya? This is Linux 101 stuff here friend.



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