how to play with radeonfb?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Sun Nov 15 17:01:57 UTC 2009

  perhaps a strange request but, at the moment, i have X running
wonderfully on my (fully-updated f12 beta) laptop with the radeon
driver, as long as i'm using XAA and not EXA.  no problem, i can live
with that.

  for no good reason, i'd like to experiment with the framebuffer.
there is a radeonfb module already under /lib/modules, but how would i
switch(?) over to that.  is the recipe to get out of X, unload the
current radeon-related modules, modprobe radeonfdb, then ... what?

  i've never bothered with the fb driver, is it simple enough to
switch over to it temporarily just for testing?  thanks.


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