Crash reporter crashing

Karel Volný kvolny at
Wed Nov 18 10:05:24 UTC 2009


On Friday 13 of November 2009 21:43:59 Adam Pribyl wrote:
> After last updates from F12, Firefox had crashed twice to me,
>  ABTR triggers, which is fine, but when I fill in my bugzilla
>  account details, it asks for some "password for default
>  keyring as it is locked" (I do not have a master password on
>  gnome keyring btw.). As non of the passwords for my system I
>  know applies (also tried empty one), I canceled this and
>  ABRT, generated its own error in dumping my
>  bugzilla account details (yes password too) to bug report.
>  Huh?

please file a bugreport

oh, and please, use more specific subject next time, there are 
several other crash reporting tools included in Fedora (e.g. bug-
buddy, drkonqi, kerneloops ...)

>  Help, I can't report bugs

I bet you still can access Bugzilla using some real browser, like 
Konqueror ;-)


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