halt at 1206 of 1206 packages installed

Michal Jaegermann michal at harddata.com
Fri Nov 20 06:26:51 UTC 2009

On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 12:20:47AM -0500, Felix Miata wrote:
> I went to tty2 and did rpm --rebuilddb, but that apparently accomplished
> nothing other than this output:
> error: failed to replace old database with new database!
> error: replace files in /var/lib/rom with files from
> /var/lib/rpmrebuildb.1206 to recovererror: failed to remove directory
> /var/lib/rpmrebuilddb.1206: Directory not empty

That is quite far from "nothing".  In /var/lib/rpmrebuilddb.<something>
you have all new database files and this replacement where you got
an error is a penultimate step in a --rebuilddb process.  Sounds
like a new database was already made.  A removal of build directory
failed because files from there were not moved to their targets.

Hence the questions are:
  - are you out of a disk space?
  - did you remove /var/lib/rpm/_* lock files before trying rebuild?
  - did something put funky attributes on files in /var/log/rpm?
  - is your file system which holds /var/lib/rpm healthy?

'man lsattr' describes how to list attributes and 'man chattr'
explains their meanings but run fsck first.


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