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Re: Auto-Release after 1 week enabled

On ÐÐÑ, 2004-07-02 at 03:55, Rodolfo M. Raya wrote:
> Could you change the system to release the file one week after the file 
> was taken?

One week after last commit is a perfect time. Greetings to this

> I usually translate on weekends and take a couple of days for reviewing, 
> this means I commit on Monday or Tuesday. If the system releases the 
> file on Monday morning (Sunday night my time), it will be an annoyance.

You're being very subjective here Rodolfo. Have in mind that not
everyone translates during weekends. Even if you happen to lose a "Take"
on a file, you can always Re-"Take" it. No big deal. This is a nice
system that prevents "Take"s from being forgoten.
We just need to be more careful when we "Take" a file.

And, you can always make a slight change and commit just so the counter
resets to zero.


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