All the pointless work

Lauri Nurmi lanurmi at
Mon Aug 20 20:58:50 UTC 2007


A few months ago the missing translations of system-config-network were
discussed on this mailing list, e.g. in

I have submitted a bug report requesting a translation update for
Finnish <>
before the release of F7, and after the release another one
<> about a
wider set of languages.

The situation still remains the same.  Over 20 translations are not
up-to-date in the released package, and at least three languages (bs,
ro, te) are completely missing from the package although they have had
100% translations committed to the translation CVS well before the
release of F7.

Nobody seems to care about about the bug reports mentioned above.
Nothing happens.  Dozens of translators have spent their free time on
these translations, which are then not used at all.  At this pace I
don't really expect to see these getting updated in F8 either.  When
Bugzilla is not enough, what to do next?

Since most teams have limited number of people and limited time, it
would be best to focus on those translations which actually do get
packaged for distribution.  Maybe such packages could be listed on the


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