Transfix : extended web-based translate application

Marek Mahut mmahut at
Mon Aug 20 19:12:36 UTC 2007

Hello all,

I've some ideas how to extend Dimitris' cool tool transfix. The idea is
similar to translation system of which we have actually:
Every user with CLA signed can translate a string, but only "trusted"
people can approve it afterwards which will result in commit to
cvs/git/whatever upstream work flow. Those translation are via web
interface (something like Ubuntu's proprietary roseta), when user begin
to translate the system checkout the PO from the upstream and this local
copy is modify directly via web interface (does someone from the list
know if Python has some extension which can handle work with PO files?)
after the translation/update of the local PO file, user submit the
translation to review to maintainer which if approve will result in
commit to the upstream cvs system.


Marek Mahut                 
Fedora Project                    

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