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Dimitris Glezos dimitris at glezos.com
Mon Aug 27 13:45:59 UTC 2007

Στις 27-08-2007, ημέρα Δευ, και ώρα 11:28 +0800, ο/η Yuan Yijun έγραψε:
> I wonder if t.p.o could use fedora-docs' Makefile, which supports make
> pot, make po-zh_CN, make html-zh_CN, etc.

Damned lies does support Documentation modules, but we haven't yet
configured them to do so. Currently Docs are registered as "plain"
translatable applications. I've asked from the Docs Project to include
LINGUAS and the other necessary files and Paul Frields has done some job
on this front. It could be possible to register these modules as Docs
instead of Apps, but some testing is needed to be done.

As far as the stats not updating 100% are concerned, I'm not sure why we
are having this prob. I'm thinking that it could be that `cvs up` is
probably complaining about "this file <> is in the way" and the local
cache needs cleaning. We'll need to take a look at the logs, which would
be provided by someone from the Infra group.

Any help/patches to fix the bugs we have is greatly appreciated. :)



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