Self-Introduction: Sveinn Svavarsson

Sveinn Svavarsson sueno at
Wed Aug 29 20:06:22 UTC 2007

I want to join in the translators team to improve the Icelandic 
translation of fedora and I am introducing my self now.
My full legal name is Sveinn Svavarsson
My fedora project username is sueno which is also my username on
I live in Reykjavík which is the capital city of Iceland.
I'm studying to become an electronic technician and I'm currently doing 
my practical education which means working and I'm working for Marel 
food systems

I have been a fedora user for three years now and have noticed that the 
icelandic translation was incompleet and is getting constantly less 
complete probably because nobody is updating it. So I want to hop in and 
continue the work that has been started.

I don't have much programming skills but I am eager to learn and I am 
not afraid of the command line so I hope I will be able to start doing 
some work soon. That is after I've gotten fluent with cvs and diff and 
those po files which I hope I will figure out soon. I considder myself 
good speaking Icelandic which is a special language in many ways.

I noticed that there is no maintainer for Icelandic so I was wondering 
how do I become the maintainer?

Here is my GPG information
pub   1024D/C779573B 2007-08-09
      Key fingerprint = 67F9 E215 49C9 D423 9B39  8FE0 E21F 344B C779 573B
uid                  Sveinn Svavarsson (Snilld) <sueno at>
sub   2048g/79EEBEEE 2007-08-09

Best regards
Sveinn Svavarsson

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