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Tue Jul 24 12:25:30 UTC 2007

  below is my log of the meeting 1100 UTC today, in case it were
useful to someone.

Stepan Kasal

<noriko> **** FLP weely meeting ****
<noriko> Noriko Mizumoto/ja-JP
<mishti> Runa Bhattacharjee/bn-IN
<Standbye> + Peter Reuschlein/de-DE
<kasal> Stepan Kasal/C
<noriko> ok. it seems gonna be very short small tidy meeting
<noriko> and appologize same with all I have not much things to say, but one.
<noriko> 1. elvis move
<noriko> anyone can you bring up your topic to discuss ?
<noriko> ops, one more from me
<noriko> 2. Big welcome to kasal !!
<Standbye> Welcome kasal
<kasal> all: thanks, you are nice ;-)
<mishti> big package for kasal to maintain :)
<kasal> 3. Testin your patience with silly questions (branches, mostly)
<noriko> anymore?
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<noriko> okay, it seems easier than usual :D
<noriko> *** elvis move
<noriko> as we have no glezos today, just confirm information what we have and find what we need to clear
<noriko> all I found today, (it can be wrong and may corrected later), packages listed the above are the complete list of moving.
<noriko> any more information you can add?
<Standbye> where can they be found on the fedora server?
<Standbye> when i hav ea look with viewcvs i can only see 4
<noriko> assuming still on the way.....
<Standbye> kk
<noriko> Standbye's question can got to "what we need to know/clear
<noriko> no information so far?
<noriko> what we need to know/clear then?
<noriko> o List packages live in fedoraorg and list packages stay in elvis
<Standbye> jup
<Standbye> and is there a short sumary how to use the ones that moved
<noriko> yeah, indeed. -> Standbye
<Standbye> cause i still have no clue how to use that ones ;)
<noriko> neither me.
<Standbye> ok then its not just me beeing dump
<Standbye> :)
<noriko> we are all on same boat
<Standbye> hmm there should be a short timetable so we can see when to use which server for the translations
<noriko> let's leave some fun for glezos
* kasal wonders whether specspo should/will move; he will probably mail glezos about it.
<noriko> kasal:  you can send a mail via ml, so everyone can read your question adn his answer
<mishti> are the packages moving to, removed completely from elvis?
<noriko> good one to clarify!
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<kasal> noriko: ok, I will.   fedora-trans-list, I suppose.
<noriko> kasal: let's include yours in the list as well!
<kasal> noriko: sorry, I'm afraid I do not understand the last line.
<noriko> ok, I will make a list "what we need to know" and post it as a part of meeting summary
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<noriko> kasal:  your will also be in the list of "what we need to know" :)
<kasal> noriko: ... and the list will include my questions to glezos, so I do not have to post.  OK, I understand now, thx.
<noriko> yp!
<noriko> can we move towards?
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<noriko> <kasal> 3. Testin your patience with silly questions (branches, mostly)
<kasal> ok, thanks. shows several branches.  Do you really work on several branches in practice?
<kasal> actually
<kasal> If yes, how do you do it?  Via the CVS module "translate"?  Like "cvs co translate; cd anaconda; cvs -r rhel5-branch"?
<noriko> kasal:  I am on same boat, which means same amount of information I got. and I can be wrong to be updated.
<noriko> kasal: anaconda can not be seen in
<noriko> so I belive we should still follow the status of
<noriko> eof
<kasal> At this moment, I meat to ask about the long-term practice, what you were used to to during the previous few centuries.
<kasal> So I want to put elvis-move aside now.
<kasal> The question is, are translators really used to work on several branches of a project at once?
<kasal> Or is it just in sphere of theory, and the tag "Branches" in the module descriptions has no connection with reality?
<kasal> (Sorry if my questions sound silly.)
<kasal> eoq
<noriko> kasal:  all packages had/have been living in all in one repository "elvis" before feodra establish. now we are fedorian, to have
+better management with more responsible, aiming to move them to
<noriko> kasal: nothing silly, I do exact same all the time.
<salam> kasal: most of time, branches were not very useful for translators as far last experience with Fedora
<kasal> So before elvisi move, you did "cvs co translate" and worked with the version of anaconda which appeared under translate/anaconda, right?
<salam> kasal: yes
<kasal> OK, thank.  That means that I'll try to do without branches.  specspo should now contain decriptions for F8.  After F8 is out, the same
+branch (HEAD) will contains descriptions destined for F9.
<mishti> meeting over?
<noriko> kasal:  questions are all welcomed anytime, all you know here are happy to answer you. and you will be the one to help us soon in
+another way.
<noriko> mishti, Standbye, anything you have?
* mishti has nothing
<Standbye> hmm
<noriko> we will have bigger one next time :)
<Standbye> another topic the meeting times :) im loosing overview there
* kasal could ask more questions.  ;-)
<noriko> Standbye: agree
<noriko> Standbye: can you post it to ml?
<Standbye> the last time i took place we had one at 11 utc and moved it to 19 utc
<Standbye> then it was planed to 19 utc for the future
<Standbye> now its 11 utc ;)
<Standbye> im sitting all time in the irc when im online so i dont mind but its a bit confusing
<mishti> Standbye: agree
<Standbye> i´ll have a post on the ml noriko
<noriko> yea, it is painful to me too, one in late nite and another is early morning.
<noriko> either way come up, and fine no one makes me sad...
<noriko> thanks Standbye, we can respond your mail
<noriko> we really need to discuss it seriously on ml, otherwise loosing motivation
<mishti> yea...
<mishti> Standbye: we'll wait for your mail :)
<noriko> ok, unfortunate we have no answers but bunch of questions only, but this should push the things forward.
<noriko> any questions, opinions, ideas ?
<noriko> if no.......................
*** Signoff: paulobanon ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
<noriko> 100
<noriko> 99
<noriko> 98
<mishti> eeks
<mishti> noriko: hurry up
<noriko> that is what I was waitting for mishti
<noriko> 2
<noriko> 1
<noriko> **** meeting closed ****

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