New FLP web page, translation statistics

Thomas Canniot mrtom at
Mon Jun 11 19:32:40 UTC 2007

Le Sun, 10 Jun 2007 22:49:49 +0100,
Dimitris Glezos <dimitris at> a écrit :

> Hey all.
> In the past few days I've been playing around with an implementation
> for a web home for the FLP, ``. Here's a live
> prototype:
> Do you like it? Does it work for you? Do you absolutely hate it and
> want to DDoS the server? Any thoughts, fire away. :-)
> Hopefully, when the development moves from to cvs.fpo
> we'll have a system for translations up and running. Some known
> "bugs":
>  * Information registered on the system is not yet complete. We'll
> need a collaborative effort on this. All the teams on /teams with a
> (!) have *no maintainer* registered; please put up your details
> at /wiki/L10N/Teams.
>  * Modules from the Fedora Documentation don't work yet. I've
> imported gthumb and release-notes from GNOME so that the Docs
> statistics show up for now.
>  * TODO: Put up a cron job to update the data regularly. Fix POT file
> access. Implment proper sorting (incremental for example) of
> releases, etc. Internet Explorer has (as usual) some bugs but who
> cares? (needs fixing anyway).
>  * Currently there is no support for authentication, so you can't
> "Apply" for a module to receive updates for it. Very soon it'll be on
> CVS so someone could write a patch for this. :-)
> -d

Your work is really amazing as I already told you. However, I think
some features are missing. Here is how we think this WebUI should work.

We think it should allow a translator to be the supervisor of a chosen
po file. By supervisor, I mean that someone is looking at and informed
of the work done on a po file. You could be able to subscribe to a po
file as well as one can subscribe to a wiki page to be notified of any
modification. Then one could received mail to know that a translation
has been modified. Developers are notified for bugs on Bugzilla, this
could work the same, with an automatic mail : « The pot file has been
modified, now translate it please. ». But this notification could be
activated or not on purpose by the local team (i.e. the maintainer of a
local list for example).

Let's decide of delays people should translate file. If a file has not
been translated after a delay decided by the local team, the
boss(es) of this team should be warned by a non automatic email (they
could choose to have it or not for each po file).

To look at other people work, we found no other way that sending
diff of po to the local translation lists. This tremendously worked
for Fedora 7 French translation process. Here is how we worked : one
sends an email to the list to notify other people that he will work on a
translation of his choice. He then add his name on a wiki page to keep
a track of his work in progress state. Once he has finished translating,
he sends to the local list the diff between the previous po file and his
translation. All people who wants to read that diff can do  the
translation is discussed. Each modification of a po file must end with
a diff on the list, so be informed everybody of what has been done.
Morally, he has no right to commit his work on the server if his work
has not been read and commented by at least one person, and after a
delay (decided between us) if no one makes new comments about the
translation work.

Here it is, I don't know what can be added to the webUI. Maybe a
standalone script could do the same.



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