FLP Meeting 2007-09-11 IRC log

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at glezos.com
Tue Sep 11 19:59:42 UTC 2007

* glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings
glezos <meeting>
glezos hey all
glezos Who's around?
marek Marek Mahut - sk
* loupgaroublond 
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Rasther DiegoZacarao (pt_BR)
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glezos okey
glezos vpv: around?
vpv yup
glezos Should we cancel the meeting?
marek why?
glezos too few people? (don't remember the word in english)
GeroldKa less Dimitri
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kanarip says GeroldKa ;-)
skvidal glezos: the english word is quorum
skvidal which I actually believe is a latin word :)
glezos skvidal: thank you!
marek quorum is less that 50%, no?
skvidal marek: less than a decision-making number
glezos well anyway, since we're here let's just get it going
skvidal in some bodies it is a simple majority
vpv glezos: could you just give us a brief status update on transifex, I haven't been able to follow #fedora-l10n that closely lately
skvidal in some cases 60%
skvidal in some 2/3rds
* glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings -- TQSG splitting task completed
marek skvidal: right ok
glezos OK, so the translation quick start guide has been revamped
glezos committed and made live by stickster_work (thanks paul!)
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glezos some translations are not up2date, now it's probably a good time to update your translations of it
glezos noriko is not around to give us an update
glezos she's done some great job in splitting it up in more useful parts
glezos Feel free to make any additions you feel it needs
glezos Comments?
* glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings -- Transifex update
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glezos So, we've progressed in the transifex front
glezos Live instance at: http://publictest5.fedora.redhat.com/submit/
glezos make that https: https://publictest5.fedora.redhat.com/submit/
glezos feel free to login with your Fedora details
glezos We've enabled smolt and revisor *real* repos
loupgaroublond good, i was wondering when it would go in :)
glezos I'm keeping a close eye on the logs for errors
glezos please do commit translations on smolt/revisor. Now is a good chance since you 're all here.
* couf shows up
glezos If everything works OK it's a piece of cake to add 10 more modules in 2 minutes
* glezos notes that revisor has a Changelog file enabled (po/Changelog) which gets updated automatically by transifex
kanarip woei!
loupgaroublond glezos, if i were to put a po/Changelog in smolt, would that be updated automatically on mercurial?
glezos Also, thanks to Rasther's pushing, I've enabled uploads to do PO-validitity, empty-diff and some other checks
kanarip also note that the latest POT in transifex is from 2007-06-28 although I'm sure the git repo has a more recent one
glezos loupgaroublond: I'll have to do a revisor.changelog='po/Changelog' on the DB shell.
loupgaroublond glezos, i'll ping you after i make the change in the repo then
glezos kanarip: transifex is at /submit/. The / is damned-lies which has some outdated statistics :/
kanarip glezos, right
glezos ...and I think I just did the first successful revisor commit through transifex: http://git.fedoraproject.org/?p=hosted/revisor;a=commit;h=HEAD
glezos yay to mmcgrath for setting it up and kanarip for letting us experiment! :)
kanarip you did commit, yeah ;-)
glezos I've got on the TODO to make git select "Name Surname via Transifex <username at fedoraproject.org>" as the commiter details
couf nice work glezos
glezos So, anyway. Everyone, please commit as many stuff as possible in the next 1-2 days to make sure everything works as it should
glezos I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Diego (Rasther) for the support, comments and suggestions. :)
vpv ok, I can login, but the DL side doesn't have any po files, so should I use hg locally to get the po file?
Rasther :)
glezos vpv: Yes, or through the link "web frontend" from each module
vpv ok, anyway, looks nice :)
marek :)
glezos Revisor: http://git.fedoraproject.org/?p=hosted/revisor;a=tree
glezos Smolt: http://hg.fedoraproject.org/hg/hosted/smolt?cmd=manifest;manifest=d49fa43580e23be334c5757ab075361be4846092;path=/client/po/
marek glezos: there's no way to take the PO through transfix?
kanarip glezos, a question of technical nature, does transifex also update configure.ac "ALL_LINGUAS" setting if languages are added?
glezos marek: not currently. A goal was to duplicate Damned Lies as less as possible
glezos kanarip: no. LINGUAS should be a manual setting. Some modules for example require 90% to enable a language, etc.
kanarip alright
glezos kanarip, loupgaroublond: If you'd like a more strict or loose file filter (now it's `.*/po/.*`, just let me know)
kanarip can you exclude po/Makefile.in.in?
kanarip po/POTFILES.in too
kanarip basically any .in files ;-)
glezos I *still* don't feel comfortable with the git commands we're using... eg: https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/transifex/browser/transifex/model.py#L187
* Rasther committed a PO for Revisor
glezos so any advice from git gurus for 1) cleanly update 2) cleanly commit/push, are welcome
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glezos So, in a few days I believe we'll be ready to move it on translate.fpo, unless mmcgrath knows of any blockers to that
glezos another TODO is to build some more admin forms for editing repos/modules and monitoring of various stuff (most importantly, errors)
glezos If everything goes OK, at some point I'll arrange a presentation
glezos to make sure everyone is comfortable with the tool
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glezos ok. I guess that's it from transifex. Any comments?
kanarip yeah if you need any help with GIT, i'm your man
* loupgaroublond can't login
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loupgaroublond oh, never mind
glezos loupgaroublond: are you on cvsl10n?
* couf committed succesfully
loupgaroublond it says login, even though i am already logged in
loupgaroublond glezos, probably not
glezos loupgaroublond: great then. :)
glezos loupgaroublond: I wanted someone outside of cvsl10n to test if they get that link
loupgaroublond *cough*pad has a feature where you can suggest a translation for translators to review, will this ever happen?
glezos loupgaroublond: If we find a way to integrate to our existing translation workflow an online translation tool (see pootle for example), I don't see any reason not to.
loupgaroublond cool :)
glezos I think I'm mostly done with this: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SummerOfCode/2007/DimitrisGlezos/Notes
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glezos I'd like to have put it in use earlier, but we needed to keep a close attention to the security issues
glezos thanks to ricky for some help on that
glezos anyway.
* glezos has changed the topic to: Fedora Localization Group meeting -- Agenda: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings -- Open floor
glezos Any other topics we need to discuss?
GeroldKa !
loupgaroublond how are web apps l10n? smolt uses the same repo for the client and server
glezos GeroldKa: fire away
GeroldKa glezos, I meet some days ago a friend of mine ...
GeroldKa he's willing to help with translations
GeroldKa would somebody please be so kind to contact him and help him to get the legal stuff done?
glezos GeroldKa: you can point him at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Join
glezos and ask him to contact the german team directly: http://translate.fedoraproject.org/teams/de
GeroldKa he asked me to have somebody who'll help him
GeroldKa his email-adress is bernhard at kliemchen.org
GeroldKa would you please so kind and contact him?
glezos I believe it would be best if someone from the German team (like Fabian for example) would do it
GeroldKa ok
GeroldKa thank you
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GeroldKa I'll contact Fabian directly
glezos GeroldKa: cool
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glezos loupgaroublond: sorry, I didn't understand the Q
loupgaroublond glezos, class is almost over, so i have to run, i'll ask again later
glezos okie
glezos anyone else has anything to add/comment?
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glezos okey
glezos I think we should consider having bi-weekly meetings from now
glezos More people might attend and we'll have more stuff to spend the hour constructively with
marek +1
vpv yeah, might be a good idea
vpv although, the translation freeze is in what, 9 days? so should we have a meeting next week just to be sure?
glezos vpv: 25 September 2007 - F8 translation freeze
glezos OK, let's have another meeting next week then
glezos I'm +1 for that
glezos I'll send an email to the list
marek ok
glezos If there isn't anything else, "calling it a meeting" in 30
vpv I'm not saying we need to spend the whole hour, I was just thinking that if someone has questions about the new stuff, they could come here and ask...
glezos vpv: right
vpv of course the list is usable as well
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glezos OK, see you in one week then if not on #fedora-l10n

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