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Re: Fwd: transifex and PackageKit

Ville-Pekka Vainio さんは書きました:
I've forwarded this message from the fedora-devel mailing list as not every translator may not be on that list.

Gnome-packagekit isn't mentioned in Richard's mail, but it needs translations as well. The gnome-packagekit statistics and po files are at:


The translations should be submitted via the GNOME translation coordinators of your language.

Yes, you are right.
Why I can see this package submittable in Transifex?
Also I see the difference btw DL and Gnome stat.


The KDE spin may have KPackagekit in Fedora 10, I'm not sure if that's been decided yet.

 - Ville-Pekka

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Aihe: transifex and PackageKit
Päiväys: maanantai 13 lokakuu 2008
Lähettäjä: Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com>
Vastaanottaja: Development discussions related to Fedora Core <fedora-devel-list redhat com>

Today I released 0.3.7 and pushed it to rawhide. In a couple of weeks
time they'll be a bugfix 0.3.8 release that we'll see in F10 and F9.

Before that time, I would like the translations for PackageKit to be
updated -- updated translations are very important for the F10 release
quality and also for the F9 backport.

You can see the current stats here:


Thanks, and keep rocking,


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