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2009/8/26 Noriko Mizumoto <noriko at>:
> Ankit Patel さんは書きました:
> +10.
> It would be nicer to have some possible options and ideas posted before
> hand.

here is my proposal, based on my experience with a small translation
team and limited resources::


- Anaconda installer, and translations of components that will be
invoked during installation.
- System applications and menus (almost all from f-12, rpm, yum,
packagekit, pulseaudio). In a nutshell: the translations of those
packages that will always be installed in any Fedora system by default
(so the user will surely see these strings). Some packages in f-12 are
not installed by default (system-config-cluster?)
- Web pages of (where most people will go for info on fedora)
- App docs (not viewed as often as the UI of the app, but important
for non-english users)

- Web pages of other projects (
- Apps not commonly used, optional, not essential (virtualization...)
- Release notes

But basically it can be broken down into 2 categories: "Essential", "optional"

My 0.02 €. Hope this helps!

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