Fedora 'cvsl10n' sponsor needed for xiaohou

Yuan Yijun bbbush.yuan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 07:22:04 UTC 2009

2009/12/11 Runa Bhattacharjee <runab at redhat.com>:
> Just to clarify, are you looking for additional sponsors for zh_CN or
> mentors for new translators joining your language? I just checked that you
> are listed as a 'sponsor', please do let us know in case you are facing any
> difficulty while sponsoring new members into your team.

Hi, Runa

I'm a sponsor myself, and I am looking for a backup as well as mentors
to that new guy. Regarding "my team", I don't have a team but only
blindly sponsored some about 10 contributors to l10n-commits, and only
a few remain active -- and we want a change to this situation.

bbbush ^_^

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