Self introduction: Christophe Alladoum

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Mon Jan 12 02:14:25 UTC 2009

Dimitris Glezos さんは書きました:
> On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 2:11 AM, Noriko Mizumoto <noriko at> wrote:
>> Chris A さんは書きました:
>>> My subscription to the L10N group is still pending ... can someone please
>>> help ? I think I need a sponsor.
>>> Anybody ?
>> Which language?
>> What is your fas username?
>> Have you introduced yourself in your local language team ML?
> I think there are a few outstanding questions on the new sponsorship model:
> - Do we have a table showing which sponsor is responsible for each
> language team to refer to?
> - When a new membership arrives, how can an existing sponsor know if
> he should proceed with the sponsoring or not?

Existing sponsor can proceed with the sponsoring when newbie introduce 
his/her self in their local ML, unless that particular team requires 
additional procedure. How you think?

> - How can a USER know who to contact if he isn't sponsored in a few days?

It would be great if every team coordinator becomes 'sponsor' and 
responsible for new comers. Team coordinator may request additional 
sponsor from the team if needed. Is this too messy?


> -d

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