Committing to transsifex

Richard van der Luit zuma at
Fri Jan 30 16:50:30 UTC 2009

Hi all,
I submitted several nl.po files at transifex this week, incuding
' website' and ' website' and I did that resp 27/01, 27/01 and 29/01. Now
30/01 17:37 UTC+2 
It is still not processed in the statistics of transifex (old po files
are showing, or no po-file whatsoever for the new translations) although
transifex gives a message that *** "The file you submitted is identical
to the target on our server (empty diffset). Try refreshing the module's
cache and retry submitting" *** if you try to submit again, so the
submitting was a success before.
Also on the dutch "get-the-po-file-of-the
module-you-want-to-translate-page" (any technical term for that page?)
the modules were reported as stil not or still only partial translated
(although they are 100% translatedand submitted).

What am i missing here?

Richard (nippur)
in *panic* but only a bit :P
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