local translation of the term 'untrusted'

Richard van der Luit zuma at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 16 20:48:12 UTC 2009

Hi all,
Because the term 'untrusted' (as in 'untrusted connection' and
'untrusted local file') is actually a new word, only used in
compu-world, how do you all translate this to your own languish?
I am on a quest here, coz every dutch term i use doesn't actually catch

from wikipedia:
The term, "untrusted" is used exclusively in the field of computer
science and information security to denote code from an unknown source
that may be potentially harmful to a system. It is distinguished from
"untrustworthy" or "distrusted" in that the code may be useful and
completely benign, whereas the terms "untrustworthy" and "distrusted"
suggest something about the subject (whether it is a person or thing)
that suggests that the person or thing is not to be trusted.(...) An
"untrusted" code however, is simply code that has not met predefined
requirements to be trusted, e.g., completed an authentication protocol
to verify that it came from a trusted source

(Is there an other list to ask questions like this btw?)

Richard van der Luit 


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