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Rui Gouveia rui.gouveia at
Mon Nov 2 11:04:40 UTC 2009


Rui Gouveia
PT Team

Em 01-11-2009 15:10, Zoltan Hoppar escreveu:
> Hi,
> I am one of the translators, but I am working also as Ambassador - and 
> I have run into an small problem. For Ambassadors, we have some texts, 
> flyers, and other materials (e.g. educational presentations) what 
> needs to be translated. Currently we have an wiki, where most of these 
> files are uploaded, but for us - these materials mostly available in 
> one language: English.
> I would like to change this, and I need help to make it to reality - 
> also I know this possible project needs some cooperation between 
> several teams....Maybe this is not the correct channel to begin this.
> I have thought through several times, and I say it can be a huge step 
> ahead for ambassadors to win new contributors, when I could give the 
> interested people some printed advertising in their language. 
> Therefore I have thought on some empty prepared document templates at 
> in the ambassadors wiki for each actual release, and an Transifex 
> project category for these texts - available for all translating 
> teams. If it is possible, then I would to like have these in such a 
> format, that could be merged, edited to have at the end an perfect 
> multipliable DTP stuff easily.
> Furthermore, I just hope, when this come truth - the ambassadors could 
> have these printings for shows sometime.... and we could win a lot of 
> contributors to every channel.
> I would like to hear your thoughts too,
> Thanks,
> Zoltan Hoppar
> Fedora HU translator
> Fedora Ambassador
> -- 
> PGP:  06853DF7

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