Self-Introduction: Thomas Spitzmann

Thomas Spitzmann TSpitzmann at
Wed Nov 25 00:13:17 UTC 2009

my name is Thomas Spitzmann.
I currently live in a small village called Brietlingen 52 km south east 
of Hamburg in Germany.

My FAS user name is tspitzmann and I will translate into the German 
I'm an IT Specialist currently looking for a new job...

I am dealing with Fedora for a veeeery long time with some breaks 
getting in touch with SuSE, Mandrake, Ubuntu, even Debian in the 
meantime. But every year or so I returned to Fedora...

I am interested in translating programs and documentation mainly.

As I am dealing with computers and PCs since the 80th and due to my 
profession I would rate my knowledge as "professional".

In the past I worked on translation projects of the BeOS programming 
guide and wrote some HowTos for Fedora (Core).

My GPG KEYID: 181DA572
My Fingerprint: 3E10 A1F8 A508 0D84 3E27  F6F1 8AA5 6B0E 181D A572

Best regards


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