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Re: Missing strings (WAS: Re: Missing strings for translation of system-config-cluster (outdated .pot files in CVS/Transifex?))

Tomek Chrzczonowicz wrote:
Ok, I can file those bug reports. But from my experience loading up RH Bugzilla pages and scripts takes forever and the bug reports take weeks or months before getting acknowledged, let alone worked upon. If at all.

Bug reports can not be ignored I think.

Are you going to make some public announcements to draw people's attention to
 those bugs before 22th? Like asking them to watch that wiki page?

wiki page is for our (FLP, FLSCo or FLP-admins) reference.
- For FLP members => They will check this page before filing bugs to avoid
- For FLSCo and/or FLP-admins => They will refer this page to poke package
owners for
respective bugs.

There are only 4 days left. Sending e-mails seems like a faster way to handle

Bugs will also send email notification to package owners.

Besides, what about those ambiguous/confusing/erroneous source strings?

Same logic, file bugs.

P.S. I added the list of packages to check to the wiki page you created. I'm
 asking everyone in L10n to lend a hand.

Thanks, that would really help us to make things better.

Ankit Patel

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