[fedora-virt] swap space on virtual machines

Rich Mahn rich at lat.com
Fri Jul 24 16:39:54 UTC 2009

How big should the swap parititons be on virtual machines
under qemu, qemu/kvm?

It seems to me that if the VM actually needs swap space, it
would be more efficient to allocate more virual memory to it.
I know it's possible to allocate more virtual
memory than there is physical memory.  Intuitively (which
isn't always right) it would seem that allocating more
memory is more efficient than letting the VM use swap space.
It would seem that the host machine would have to either use
physical memory or swap space if it's required.  Compared to
the VM using a swap space that is a virtual disk space that
goes to real disk.

Thoughts anyone??


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