[fedora-virt] iPod Touch + Fedora 11 + KVM + WinXP guest + iTunes?

Laine Stump laine+fedora-virt at laine.org
Sun Jun 14 22:17:16 UTC 2009

I want a Win XP guest (running under a fresh F11 install) to talk to my 
shiny new iPod Touch. I tried adding the "Apple Inc. iPod" USB device to 
the guest's hardware list with virt-manager, but even after restarting 
everything it isn't recognized (it's still picked up by the host OS - 
which doesn't know what to do with it - and not seen at all by the guest).

Has anybody done this? Any hints?

(a better solution would be if RhythmBox or some other program figured 
out how to talk to the Touch (and/or iPhone), but as far as I've found, 
that hasn't happened yet).

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