[fedora-virt] Windows XP BSOD on USB all-in-one device

Tom Horsley tom.horsley at att.net
Mon Sep 21 21:57:50 UTC 2009

> Latest QEMU allows multiple concurrent VNC clients, so while you're
> usig the guets via virt-manager, also run an instance of vnc2swf
> to record the VNC stream to a SWF file you can then play back at
> will.

Hey, that worked, I was able to get the screenshot.

> ...please do file a bug against QEMU since probably
> the biggest problem we have is that there's no good record of which
> devices work & which fail.


Just curious: In theory, if I attach a usb hub to the KVM, should
I then be able to plug things into that hub and also have them
show up on the KVM?

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