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Re: meeting minutes from last night

Hi Mark,

Mark wrote:
Task name: Common look and feel

I believe i'm partly the one that works on that since i'm trying to
get the amber mockups in a real website state and it's going quite
fine at the moment. The outer frame (not amber specific) should be the
default of all of fedora's sites or that's how i understood it. Shame
i saw this meeting message one day to late..

To see the current progress on my effort look here:
http://browsershots.org/http://amber.mageprojects.com/ it currently
works quite well under even old browsers! Just the next step:
"animated menu" proves to be a pain in the ass.

I've actually been working on a generic Fedora applications layout based on the earlier mockups I'd posted; the html/CSS I have so far is here:


It inherits from the existing fedoraproject.org css which i think is important...


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