cosmogoniA Live! [mini DVD/USB Gnome - KDE - XFce]

Davide Marchi davide.marchi at
Sun Jul 27 10:16:29 UTC 2008

Hi staff,
i would like to submit the new changes about cosmogoniA live distro, 
Fedora based:

/cosmogoniA Live! [mini DVD/USB Gnome - KDE - XFce]

    * Fedora Core 9 live mini DVD (1,4GB) based and usable on USB (data
      persistent) device too.
    * This Livecd comes with GNOME, KDE and XFce, all usable
    * Planned and realized for Open Source computer science schooling,
      multimedia support, system tools, and moore..
    * default language of the livecd : italian (but many other included)
    * web site (italian)
    * live distro:

many thanks!

cosmogoniA <>

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