[feedhenry-dev] Dogfooding for Developer Experience

Summers Pittman supittma at redhat.com
Wed Nov 9 18:06:42 UTC 2016


Wojciech and I had a quick call to flesh out the discussion we were having
on IRC about having a dogfooding exercise to better understand and discover
what pain points developers have.

As far as Jiraisms go, we have a few things to figure out before we can
make a proper Epic out of it.  Once we do, however, I hope that we can get
things ready to start coding relatively quickly.

1) Do we want to greenfield an application or port an existing open source
application to the platform?  Greenfielding works great for learning
specific parts of the platform (ex Auth) or answering certain questions
(how do I get sync to do X, Y ,Z), but porting an existing application
gives us the opportunity to see how our platform's assumptions mesh with
the practices developers are currently using.

2) Do we want to focus on native (Windows + iOS + Android) or Cordova
clients?  Cordova apps will give us a better experience of challenges our
current users have, but because there are so few native users in comparison
a native focus may yield things which have been overlooked.

3) I'm sure that more will come from this so feel free to ask and answer
your own questions here.

Let's discuss in this thread today and Thursday and we can review it in our
meeting Friday.

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