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Matthias Wessendorf mwessend at redhat.com
Thu Nov 10 09:15:39 UTC 2016

On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 7:06 PM, Summers Pittman <supittma at redhat.com> wrote:

> Y'all,
> Wojciech and I had a quick call to flesh out the discussion we were having
> on IRC about having a dogfooding exercise to better understand and discover
> what pain points developers have.
> As far as Jiraisms go, we have a few things to figure out before we can
> make a proper Epic out of it.  Once we do, however, I hope that we can get
> things ready to start coding relatively quickly.
> 1) Do we want to greenfield an application or port an existing open source
> application to the platform?  Greenfielding works great for learning
> specific parts of the platform (ex Auth) or answering certain questions
> (how do I get sync to do X, Y ,Z), but porting an existing application
> gives us the opportunity to see how our platform's assumptions mesh with
> the practices developers are currently using.

I think we should to greenfield, as that might be a bit more fun. So if we
figure out certain parts of the platform that are not fun to use, it's good
feedback for improving. I think greenfield works a bit better here, because
you are a bit more flexible on ideas and concepts

A bit off-topic; But: Currently I am mentoring a student from Waterford. He
works on a Node.js / Microservices version of AeroDoc (+adding Keycloak).
At a later stage this might be even ported to an RHMAP template. So this
might be related. bringing in existing code to the platform

> 2) Do we want to focus on native (Windows + iOS + Android) or Cordova
> clients?  Cordova apps will give us a better experience of challenges our
> current users have, but because there are so few native users in comparison
> a native focus may yield things which have been overlooked.

Hrm, not sure: both have benefits: native and cordova

> 3) I'm sure that more will come from this so feel free to ask and answer
> your own questions here.
> Let's discuss in this thread today and Thursday and we can review it in
> our meeting Friday.
> Summers
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