[feedhenry-dev] Mongo Express Service - Manage your Mongo Database in RHMAP using Mongo Express

Emilio Rodriguez Martinez emrodrig at redhat.com
Thu Nov 10 15:41:29 UTC 2016

Hey guys,

based on consulting's feedback, we've been working to integrate Mongo
Express in RHMAP. The first step was integrate it as a platform service and
here you can find our findings:

Mongo Express Service is a RHMAP service which allows users to manage their
Mongo databases through a robust GUI. This interface includes several
pieces of functionality missing in the current Data Browser such as a
complex query runner or a database and collections statistics.

Besides, Mongo Express is an ongoing Open Source project so we can benefit
from the community contribution.

Here you can find a quick demo of Mongo Express working in RHMAP:

*Current limitations*
- At the moment only the service's database is accessible automatically.
This means that the Cloud App's databases need to be manually configured to
be managed through this service.

- This service needs to be public and therefore the database will be
exposed: anybody knowing the url would have access to the data.

Note: both limitations can be workarounded. Depending on the feedback from
this service we will put more effort on this.

*Installation and usage*
To use Mongo Express Service in RHMAP follow these steps:
1. Provision the sample FeedHenry Service in RHMAP (Services & APIs > +
Provision MBaaS service > New MBaaS service)
2. Make the new service public (Details > Make this Service Public to all
Projects and Services)
3. Upgrade database (Data Browser > Upgrade Database)
4. Replace code from the test service with the forked Mongo Express Service
     - clone Mongo Express fork (git at github.com:emilioicai/
     - git remote add your services git url (Details > Git Url)
     - git push --force origin master
5. Deploy (using Node 4 as runtime)
6. Mongo Express should be available through the Preview section in the
service view

Most of the issues arise because of one of these settings:
     - Service is not public
     - Database was not upgraded before deploying
     - Node 0.10 or Node 0.11 was used as runtime instead of Node 4
In case of a problem re-provisioning and making sure those three settings
are properly configured.
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