[feedhenry-dev] Separate APB org or just separate repo

Craig Brookes cbrookes at redhat.com
Wed Dec 13 13:36:00 UTC 2017

As mentioned by John having a consistent pattern for our services and their
various pieces (cli, apb, ui) etc needs to be figured out.

The options:

*Single Repo: * We kinda ruled this one out as it unlikely it would work
well against 3rd part integrations such as 3scale or keycloak.

*Repo for each piece: *Lots of overhead and different repos. Off the top of
my head it would be:
- repo for any cli piece
- repo for client sdks (iOS, android, cordova) etc ..
- repo for APB

*Single Repo for clients*
- 1 repo for cli, sdks and (maybe UI too?)
- 1 repo for APB (not a client but is a deployment mechanism).

Any other or better options people can think of?

Craig Brookes
@maleck13 Github
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