[feedhenry-dev] Update to workflow for APB development

Phil Brookes pbrookes at redhat.com
Tue Oct 10 14:55:53 UTC 2017

Hello Everyone,

The current development workflow for APB’s is to run a local oc cluster
with the ASB scanning the feedhenry docker org for APB images. Then pushing
our development images to the feedhenry repo to test them.

As more developers start using these images we increase the possibility
that they will pull a broken development image which could lead to a pretty
significant waste of developer time trying to identify the problem and
could also reduce developers trust in the feedhenry APB images.

To address this it is now only possible to update the APB images in the
feedhenry org via a merged PR to the master branch of that images github

To develop your own changes to an APB you should instead point the ASB of
your local oc cluster at your own docker org and push a copy of any APBs
you wish to use into that org from the feedhenry org. When building
experimental APB images you should update the image in that APB’s apb.yml
file, and use make DOCKERORG=<yourorg> to build and push the development
APB image.

I will be updating the ansible installer in the mcp-standalone repo to
automatically pull the APB images from feedhenry and push them into the
specified dockerorg in the near future, so we have less manual work to do.

Any questions or concerns, please let me know.

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